madonna’s TOILET SEAT

I once had to change the toilet seats out of Madonna’s dressing room, so that the plastic wrap surrounding it proved it had never been used prior to her.

Whilst doing this I was met with a heated breath upon my crotch, as I was laid out on my back underneath a toilet, screwing in the hardware. I was immediately curious and changed my view of porcelain to a 60 pound German Sheppard inhaling my genital region, with an LAPD officer holding it’s leash. He sees the fear in my eyes and says “She’s just sniffing around” to which I replied “That’s why I have an Ex-Girlfriend”

Which resulted in him laughing loudly… which resulted in the German Sheppard getting excited…. This is not good when a German Sheppard is 2 inches from you Candy Land.

Moral of the story…. don’t joke with the handler of the Cop Dog.

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